Aj Ami Kothao Jabo Na by Humayun Ahmed

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    Aj Ami Kothayo Jabo Na is a novel of Humayun Ahmed which was gotten tremendously success and draw the attention of many readers as like as other books of Humayun Ahmed because of its heart touching story and plot.

    The Bangla novel named Aj Ami Kothayo Jabo Na by Humayun Ahmed has a very sorrowful story. Two person, One is an young man and another is an older man both amass money to go America and change their life from poorness to rich. They together dream about that life and expect that their life is going to be changed very soon. They will not have any suffer or misery in their life. Only happiness will remain.

    And They call it dream for America or America Dream. But, Their life becomes into a tragedy. They can't go together and not now. One goes to another place and the second goes to America many years later after becoming a successful business man.

    Read the story Aj Ami Kothayo Jabo Na by Humayun Ahmed, You will be charmed and obviously enjoy. Because the book is written by Humayun Ahmed and the book has the real fact of our life.

    Book Name: Aj Ami Kothayo Jabo Na
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed
    Book Type: Bangla Novel

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    Aj Ami Kothayo Jabo Na by Humayun Ahmed, You have to click here!

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