Akash Jora Megh by Humayun Ahmed

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    Akash Jora Megh is a romantic novel where two girls and a boy are included. In this novel, The main story has been plotted resorting with the character named Firoz. Firoz falls in love with a girl who is so much opulent in subconscious mind. On the other hand, Firoz also fall in love with a girl where he lives as a tenant. The story of Akash Jora Megh is going to forward. Many tragedy of human life are opened in front of readers. Bangla Book pdf may feel your emotion at least a little! So, it cares it!

    Akash Jora Megh written by Humayun Ahmed will attack you emotionally also. Because the novel is full of emotion, romanticism and life's tragedy. You will discover why a man has to sell his daughter. You will discover how much pain he and his family feel. You also discover the enjoyment of relationship.

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    Book Name: Akash Jora Megh
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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    Akash Jora Megh written by Humayun Ahmed
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