Ananto Nokkhotro Bithi by Humayun Ahmed

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    Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi is a science fiction of the popular Bangla writer Humayun Ahmed. In this science fiction, Humayun Ahmed has shown his skills to plot a science fiction story. If you are fond of Humayun Ahmed writings, along with science fiction, the Bangla book named Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi by Humayun Ahmed, will be enjoyable for you.

    In Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi, Humayun Ahmed draws a plot with a man who is a general people and a TV program analyst. There is a specialty in that man which is unknown by himself. He loves a girl named NIKI.

    The word of interesting is that, one day He gets a letter of sky research institute on which an emergency appointment was called. He has to go there for the emergency appointment. But He can't left to his apartment. He is trained up for several skills and sustainability in different atmosphere. Because He has to travel to the galaxy by leaving the earth. The story of the book Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi starts by this way.

    The special power of that man was his ESP power by which He can assume event situation before happening. The book named Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi is really an interesting science fiction written by Humayun Ahmed. So, download it and read as well as enjoy the Bangla science fiction.

    Book Name: Ananto Nakkhotro Bithi
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed
    Book Type: Bangla Science Fiction

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