Angul Kata Jaglu by Humayun Ahmed

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    Humayun Ahmed made himu character which is not confined to only pages of novel! Actually It is varied person to person who observe this character in which way! One matter also should be noticed like other specialties of Himu is that Himu is greatly dedicated to help human. He don't come back without help of any person whose problem He sees.

    However, In this Bangla novel, Himu will have to face a dangerous person named Jaglu who has lost his  finger. Also in the contrary, Himu will help others as like as his nature. Download this Bangla book and read. See how does Himu face all those problem which the writer has been putted at the path of Himu.

    Book Name: Angul Kata Jaglu
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed
    For downloading this Himu Novel, Simply Click Here!

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