Bagh Bondhi Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed

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    There is a playing in rural area of Bangladesh named Bagh Bondhi where a player attack to his opposite player. The rule of this play, Two player only play one a session. The final part is a Player must confined to another player which is called "Bondhi".

    We know Misir Ali don't act without any logic and He thinks according to the analysis of his logic. For this objective, He use various type of analysis in his brain. In this book, Misir Ali will analysis by that way. But...There is really a but.

    Misir Ali is an educated man. He can think logically. But there is another illiterate person who become hindrance in front of Misir Ali. Download this novel which is written by Humayun Ahmed and see how Misir Ali face those problems and find out solution.

    Book Name: Bagh Bondi Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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    Bagh Bondi Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed
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