Ball Point by Humayun Ahmed

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    If you are fond of the prominent Bangladeshi writer named Humayun Ahmed, You must have interest on his real life. If you are looking for knowing about his real life experiences, The book named ball point will be helpful in this regard. Because, It is a autobiography of Humayun Ahmed own life. This Bangla book named Ball Point reflects the story of Humayun Ahmed real life.

    What type of life a writer spend usually? You will be able to know how was the life of Humayun Ahmed. A writer life story is greater than a book coverage. Thus this book has the limitation such as it can't narrate or present the whole life experience of Humayun Ahmed. But, you can know at least a little. This book has the story of Humayun Ahmed last few years. To know his first young story or his beginning life story, there are some other books on his real life written by himself. To know more you can check out those autobiographical book of Humayun Ahmed.

    However, to know about the great Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed, read the book named Ball point. In this book, Humayun Ahmed has written his own story by his pen. Thus the writing is also enjoyable too.

    Book Name: Ball Point
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed
    Book Type: Autobiographical

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