Brishtir Thikana by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

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    Download Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Ebooks named Brishtir Thikana from Bangla book pdf. This book has a different test. It is all about to love our mother land.

    Bangali nation is very emotional. But they can face hardship face to face. Wherever we live in the part of the world, Love to our country can awake at our mind any time. Wrong! We go to sleep by keeping our love to our country always. It is always awaken and therefore it don't need to awake. But it just need to give strong fire at need of our country.

    In Brishtir Thikana Muhammad Zafar Iqbal has shown how a little girl named tumpa feel strong love to her country and how she comes to her country where she leave in other part of the world.

    Book Name: Brishtir Thikana
    Writer: Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

    To download bristhir thikana, Simply Click Here!

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