Himur Rupali Ratri by Humayun Ahmed

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    It always exiting writing something about the factious character of Humayun Ahmed named Himu and Misir Ali. Because, They both are very very attractive in nature of character.

    Once Humayun Ahmed went to a small town college to take practical exam. To take the examination, Humayun Ahmed was need to stay there at night. A college teacher managed that. When Humayun Ahmed went to sleep there, He find out the atmosphere is very hot and there were some mosquitoes too. Then, he try to remember something from his childhood. A river named Moyurakkhi was belonged to that memory. Then He discovered a method which make the atmosphere favor for him. That process was described in the first book of Himu by Humayun Ahmed named Moyurakkhi. And From that night, Himu has been created! This is the story of Himu when Humayun Ahmed was thought to create such a character which is now vastly famous!

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    Book Name: Himur Rupali Ratri
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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