Humayun Ahmed Books Download-Himur Hate Koyekti Neel Podma

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    Why today is such a nice day! Opening the window in the morning I'm surprised! What! Why sky is such blue!

    The story of this Himu based Bangla novel has been started like that. Like other books of Himu, Himu will walk in feet without any sandal, wear yellow dress and go many place. Himu also serve mankind without any return.

    So, Download another Himu Ebook named Himur Hate Koyekti Neel Podma written by Humayun Ahmed and enjoy reading! Don't forget to share with your nearest friends!

    Book Name: Himur Hate Koyekti Neel Podma
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

    To get this Bangla pdf book, Simply click here!

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