Kohen Kobi Kalidas by Humayun Ahmed

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    Kohen kobi Kalidas is a novel of Humayun with Misir Ali character. In this Book, You will see how Misir Ali solve a problem after reading a  very long letter of a girl. The novel start when a girl named Sayra sitting down in front of Misir Ali. The girl keep away some directions by following which Misir Ali find out total solution of such problem after analyzing all of those incidents. There are also some psychological problems are included.

    Like any other books of Humayun Ahmed with Misir Ali, This story has mysterious path. And Misir Ali resorts logic and analyze all matters by following logic. Eventually, He reaches to a destination where the problem is solved. Before that there are many unpredictable conditions was created by facing which it was really tough to make a proper illustration.

    So, Download a Bangla Book(Bangla Novel) named Kohen Kobi Kalidas written by Humayun Ahmed and read.....obviously enjoy! Because it is really an interesting book like other Humayun Ahmed Books.

    Book Name: Kohen Kobi Kalidas
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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