Kuhurani by Humayun Ahmed

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    Kuhurani, written by Humayun Ahmed is a popular circus girl who fall in love with a school headmaster. Actually, the school headmaster lost his wife many days ago. When Kuhurani comes to a village, The headmaster finds out Kuhurani as duplicate of his wife! But the headmaster does not think any bad situation. But ...yes there is but. The bad people always remain behind circus party in order to gain something. They also noticed the matter of the Headmaster and Kuhurani. They want to take it to more deep. But the matter wasn't like that.

    However, Kuhurani wants to get a new life where she will earn money with honesty and make her living. She wants to escape from the circus party. But the manager of circus party is not so easy to leave Kuhurani. Onced She managed to escape from the circus party. But what happened then?

    Download Kuhurani by Humayun Ahmed and find out what happened next. Could Kuhurani escape or not!

    Book Name: Kuhurani
    Book Writer: Humayun Ahmed

    To download Kuhurani written by Humayun Ahmed, just click here!

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