Moyurakkhi by Humayun Ahmed

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    The young who wears yellow dress......HIMU.....A great character of Bangla literature created by Humayun Ahmed. This Bangla book is about Himu. In other words, Himu is the rolling character of this bangla ebook.

    Moyurakkhi is a name of a river which come out from Himu's deep mind. He tries to take peace from the bank of that river. More interesting are waiting inside the book.

    In this book, You will see how much capabilities Himu reserve to capture a human mind. How he wins mind of human being. His prediction, His style and all of in it!

    Just download Humayun Ahmed Ebook and read a hottest novel with Himu.

    Book Name: Moyurakkhi
    Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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